Do you feel like you are connecting with people like crazy,.. making new connections, building relationships, but you’re just not getting any traction? You’re enjoying the ride and making some great friends along the way but you just can’t see to convert anyone and get them to take a look at your opportunity?

Today let’s talk about how to Introduce people to your opportunity.

YOU know it is good so how do you share that with other people?

There are two methods… direct and indirect. I have seen success both ways.

Direct method

The direct method is where you immediately out of the gate ask the other person about your opportunity. This method is direct and to the point.

I have seen this work really well with your warm market – in other words, the people that you already know and whom already trust you.

Many people use this method on both warm and cold market. The pro of this method is that you can really go through a lot of people in a short amount of time

This method can really turn off a lot of people because they feel you are simply out for yourself.
You can build a team, but they may or may not be endeared to you for the long term.

Indirect Method

The Indirect Method involves developing a relationship with someone first, then determining their needs and how your product or opportunity can help them. 

You tend to build more loyalty and raving fans. In other words, of the people that join you they tend to stick with you longer term. Of those that do not join you, they often remember you because you’ve taken time to nurture a relationship.

It does take longer to use the Indirect Method.
If done incorrectly you can spend too much time building rapport.

When using the Indirect Method it is best to think of social media as a never-ending party. Ask open ended questions, have conversation. Build relationships.

You may see an opening to present your product or opportunity in one conversation, or after fifteen conversations.

I usually try to build rapport quickly to determine if someone is right for my business. Check out the Magical Art of Creating Conversations.

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