The Power of Referral Marketing; Get Your Customers to Build Your Business

One of the easiest ways to grow a business fast is through something called Referral Marketing. This is the method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. Such referrals often happen spontaneously but you can influence this through appropriate strategies. This is an especially popular method in Network Marketing. I have personally used this technique to grow two businesses generating thousands of monthly dollars in revenue.

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How to Start with Referral Marketing

Before you can ever begin getting referrals you must get your first customers in Network Marketing because obviously the entire basis of referral marketing is, well, referrals.

After you have your first customers, follow this simple method to check in with them. It’s preferable do this over the phone or in person so your customer understands how much you value them. But some people like to do this over email or Facebook Messenger too. I’ve done it all of these ways. Here’s what you do in the follow-up.

The Power of Referral Marketing; Get your customers to grow your business
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Step 1 – Ask how they like the product

When I first started in Network Marketing back in 2009 I made the huge mistake of always asking “what do you think of the product.” Most times I would hear the negative things from my customers first… such as it was late getting here,…wow I had a heck of a time ordering,.. why are the capsules so big? Because here’s the thing, it is natural human nature to go towards the negative rather than the positive first. So when my question was left open to either negative or positive, my customers went down the negative road first — exhausting!

Then I discovered if I simply tweaked the language I used when asking my question, I got nearly all positive responses and rarely heard anything bad any more. The question was “how do you LIKE the product.” By using the word “like” I am subconsciously setting them up to tell me the good stuff. When they start sharing the good stuff I can have a natural conversation with them – congratulating them on their success, and asking questions.

Step 2 – Ask who else they know who might enjoy this product

Now that you know your new customer is happy with your product, it’s a great time to ask them who else they think this product might help and if they’d be open to sharing. You can even offer an incentive.

Some companies do this sort of thing automatically. For instance, Modere automatically offers their customers a unique referral code & website like this one. Every time a customer shares, they get $10 and their customer gets $10 off any product. It’s a win-win that really builds up momentum in building your customer base.

Bonus Idea 1: Offer an Incentive

Sometimes a customer might need an incentive to help share the product even though they love it so much. This is when it’s your job to determine what might work well for them. As mentioned above some companies like Modere offer referral fees to customers who refer customers. You can also offer your own incentives. They can be monetary, small gifts, even more of your own product! When I was in my previous Network Marketing company which sold essential oils I would often offer customers more oils in exchange for sharing with friends and family.

Bonus Idea 2: Do the Work for Them

Some people are naturally shy about sharing. Others feel like if they don’t have all the answers, they can’t start sharing your products or talk about how much they love them. In these cases, offer to do the work for your customer.

My current company has amazing weight loss and skin care products. It’s not uncommon for me to write a Facebook post for my customer revealing details about their journey, and have them approve and share it. I’ve also done classes for my customers, and one-on-one meetups for my customers.


As you can see there are lots of ways to help your customers share your products. The bottom line is this… When building your network marketing business always be thinking of how you can get referrals, and rewarding your customer for them. You may also want to consider reading How to Get Your First 5 Customers in Network Marketing or How to Create Endless Leads Through Your Smartphone.

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