Let’s talk about the topic of starting conversations.

If you think about it we’ve been having conversations since we first learned to talk. Talking with other people comes naturally. For some of us it comes more naturally than others, but I guarantee that if your life depended on asking someone for a glass of water, you would ask someone. You would ask anyone!

And that is my point.

For many of us, we start a business and we do one or all of these things, especially if we are starting in Network Marketing. We either shut up and don’t talk to a single soul about it. Or we go on the complete opposite end of the spectrum and we verbal vomit all over everyone we know.

So let’s talk about starting conversations, and growing our network in a very real and natural way.

How connecting with people can grow your online business

If you have been following me for any amount of time you know that I love to grow my network marketing business online. I am also a Blogger, and author, I love to produce graphics. You can read more in my bio.

No matter what your business is, you can benefit from talking with people. Obviously, if you are in network marketing, then talking with people should be your number one activity.

So how do you talk with people? Well, it’s simple really. Just treat social media like one big party. Talk with people how you would naturally talk with someone you just met in public.

If you just met someone at a party, you wouldn’t instantly shove your business card in their face. That would be rude!

Instead, a better approach is to naturally get curious about that person and ask some questions to get to know them. Find out if they have a need for what you have to offer.

Same thing on social media!

How to simply start conversations on social media

Facebook pages

This is a great place to find people that are interested in what you have to offer. For instance, if you are with a network marketing company that focuses on weight loss, you may want to consider following a few Facebook pages focused on weight loss.

The next step is to set notifications for that page so that you see them first. This will allow you to jump in and comment on a post early, so that everyone who comments afterward can see your comment.

From there just be sure to be active on that page.

People like to connect with people who are natural givers. So if you can show up on the Facebook page and not just be friendly, but offer real value, especially free value in the way of advice or tips, then you will quickly make friends.

Facebook groups

Another great place to use the same method I just mentioned above is in Facebook groups. I personally love Facebook groups because I feel like they are more intimate than Facebook pages.

I usually find groups that are of interest to me and at least somewhat relate to my product or businesses.

Once inside I begin to comment on posts that are of interest. I answer questions and just generally show up and deliver value. My main goal is to get people to either friend request me, start a conversation with me, or get to the point where I can actually start a conversation with them.

TIP you can use this same method for LinkedIn, as well as Instagram.

Struggle with building and maintaining relationships online?!

Make it about them.

Everyone enjoys talking about themselves!! Learning the art of fluid conversation is a life skill, but you have to start somewhere.

Ask questions and care about the answers. Everyone has a story, take the time to find out what it is. – Where are they from? – Married/kids? – Business? – What do they do for fun? – Do they have a special event coming up?

Remember and follow up on how it went. Look for natural openings to share your product or opportunity.

Don’t start conversations with the Intention of hoping they turn it around and make it about you. That is a conversation killer.

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