Using Facebook Groups in a work at home business is where it is at for growing a business strong. If you are blogging or have a network marketing business you’ll want to join at least a few groups. Facebook groups allow you to make new relationships, grow relationships, determine what content to be sharing or creating for your audience and so much more. They are truly invaluable in a work at home business in network marketing or blogging.

The problem with Facebook Groups

Even though using Facebook groups in a work at home business is simply amazing, it can be hard to know what to look for in a group and how to find the right group.

There are a bajillion Facebook groups out there!

If you join too many then it is just too much to keep up with and it’s hard to manage.

If you join the ones that are not right for you then you could spend countless valuable hours just talking and talking. #blahblahblah


Let’s talk about how you can stop wasting time and start using Facebook groups more effectively for your work at home business.

Let’s begin with a few of the main areas you’ll find in a Facebook Group and how to use them to your advantage. We’ll go through what to look for in each, and how to determine whether a group is quality enough to be worth joining.

Check the Facebook Group’s Discussion

This section contains the discussion of the group. In other words you’ll get to see anything posted from administrators or users of the group. In essence, it’s like the “timeline” of the group. Check the recent news for these two items:

  • Is it up to date? Look at when the posts were added to the timeline. Were they added within a few hours, a few days? If so then great! If the most recent posts were added more than a few days ago then you may not want to join the group because that means it is not very active.
  • Is it relevant? This is a bit more challenging to determine but it’s important to know whether the information is relevant or not. For example, are they sharing business tips that are relevant to your business? And are they sharing tips that are timeless or ones that were outdated a decade ago? Both are important considerations.
  • Is it useful information or just self-promotion? I mean let’s get real there are a TON of groups out there just so that the group admin can sell their goods. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that group admins need to make money. It takes a lot of time and energy to run a group. But the sole purpose of a group should not be for the admin to make money. It’s like the friend that only visits you when they need a sale from you. Um thanks but no thanks.

PS…You should contribute to an existing discussion or start your own, once you’ve joined. It will help other members get to know you and want to see what you do. It’s a part of the strategy of Attraction Marketing.

Member Listings

At the time of this writing, every Facebook group lists all group members including their profile photos, location and a link to their profile page.  Use this to your advantage and evaluate the Facebook group for your work at home business on these following points before joining.

  • Does the group attract people with similar backgrounds and interests to yours?
  • Can you see yourself giving information to and appreciating information from these other members?
  • Do the members of the group appear to be people you’d hang out with on any given day?
  • Word of caution! This is an easy access way to send a message to a specific group member OR to request them as a friend. BUT make sure you have a relationship first!! It can be so tempting to spam out a bunch of friend requests but that will only result in hours wasted and weak conversations (if any).

Photos & Videos

Groups also often have photos, videos, links sections, and event listings. You should evaluate these areas to again see how recent the material is and how relevant it is to what you want to accomplish with your work at home business.

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