There is so much to think of when starting a business, but there is one piece of advice I wish I had gotten before I ever started. After building my own businesses for fifteen years, this is the best advice I can pass on to you – the newbie, starting your biz.

I know sometimes getting your first client or even your next client seems like an uphill battle in the snow without wearing boots. It makes staying in cozy comfy corporate seem so much more appealing doesn’t it?

That is, until you realize that you are completing yet another work assignment that isn’t really adding anything to the world. Or until you realize that you dread your morning alarm clock more than a root canal.

In corporate jobs, the busier we are, the better. After all, companies want to make sure they are getting their money’s worth. Having multiple meetings to fix a problem that would have taken one 10-minute phone call to solve is the name of the game.

But when you are your own boss (even as a side-hustle), running your business with a corporate mindset is going to be profit suicide.

My best tip for creating a business that gives you the time and financial freedom you desire is to . . .  FOCUS ON THE GOAL.

(Take a deep breath, doesn’t that feel good to let all the extra stuff go?)

Rather than downloading 20 freebies and attending 5 webinars a week, find 1-3 people that you click with and stick to their teachings only. (P.S. By the way, so glad you are here) ?

Rather than trying to master Facebook, Instagram, webinars and passive income at the same time. Focus on one social media platform and one non-social media content delivery platform (i.e. webinars, podcast, challenges.)

This will keep your business streamlined and focused and out of overwhelm. Trust me!

More information does not translate to more profit.

Work at Home Secrets Revealed

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