Let me just start off by saying that self-doubt is something we all experience in our day to day life. It is nothing new. However, it becomes a problem when it prevents you from taking action on your dreams or hinders you.

Self-doubt can be crippling and can take over your world but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are three simple steps to overcoming self-doubt in your business so that you can get to where you want to be.

1. Do not be afraid to make mistakes

Self-doubt is grounded in fear. The fear that we will make mistakes or do the wrong thing. It is simply the fear of negative things happening. To overcome this fear, you will need to change your thought pattern.

Human beings are not perfect and making mistakes is just something we do and is a part of life. So don’t allow mistakes to make you feel guilty and bad, rather, let them be your teacher. Remember that you can recover from making a mistake, so do not allow the fear of making one imprison you in self-doubt.

Know that just because you make mistakes does not mean you are a failure. Go on and try something new, you will never grow unless you take risks.

2. Detach From Your Emotions

We were all born with the ability to make our decisions without any influence from outside. Self-doubt places outside pressure on us. At it’s core, it’s really just a thought in your mind. It only has the power to stop you from enjoying life if you allow it.

Remember that you have the ability to go forward and do whatever you need to do regardless of how doubtful you feel. I know that feelings are often very strong, and it is not always easy to go against them. But, to be able to enjoy freedom from self-doubt you need to behave contrary to these feelings of doubt. Otherwise, it will continue to run your life and hold you back.

There is a famous quote that says “success in on the other side of your comfort zone.” Let me just say that it will feel uncomfortable to go against your fearful feelings of self-doubt. But the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Each time you feel your fear and do it anyway, remember that you are one step closer to your dreams actually happening.

3. Practice Positivity

Overcoming self-doubt is just a matter of doing away with one habit and forming another one. It takes doing something seventeen times before it becomes a habit. Practice believing in yourself rather than doubting yourself. Keep track of your thoughts and remove the bad ones as if you were removing bad apples from a bushel.

Remember that in any situation you could either be wrong or right. So why not take the positive approach first? Why not trust in yourself? Practice positivity daily.

Overcoming self-doubt begins with you. You must believe that you can achieve your destiny in spite of what other people say or what your mind and feelings say. May be you had negative messages fed into you since you were a child. It could have been a parent who excessively compared you to a sibling giving you the impression that you were flawed. But whatever the reason for your self-doubt and negative attitude towards yourself, the power to change lies with you. If you desire to be able to fulfill your dreams, then you must make a decision to start believing that you are a valuable person with a purpose to meet on this earth.

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