Get Your First 5 MLM Customers… Overnight

These days so many people want a quick and hands-off method to grow their business. It’s as if they want a magic pill that will instantly grow a business. Granted, there are lots of really cool automation tools out there to grow a business. Trust me, I’m a bit geeky myself and loves these tools – many of which are mentioned in this blog. However, even cool tech tools and automation software doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in the time.

When starting out in Network Marketing the easiest way to grow your business isn’t with fancy tools. Unless you’re someone with a tech background that can be super overwhelming. The easiest way is to get your first 5 customers, you can then get referrals from them to build your business and it really becomes a snowball effect.

Get Your First 5 Customers in Network Marketing Overnight
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Make a list of people you can HELP & then go help them

People know when they are just a commission to you, as opposed to when you are really trying to help them. So take some time to sit down and really think of your company product and who it can help. Most importantly think of WHY it will help them and it matters to them. For instance if you have a product that will help reduce joint pain and you think of your Uncle Bob,.. don’t just know it will help his joint pain but dig deeper into what that looks like for him and WHY it’s a big deal. Maybe reducing joint pain means he gets to do the gardening he enjoys and play with the children he loves so much.

After you’ve made your list, talk with those people. Don’t be spammy. Be real. Lead with your heart. To use the example of Bob, call him up and say something like “Uncle Bob, I’ve been thinking of you because I’ve discovered something that I really think is going to help your joint pain and give you your life back.” Then be sure to listen more than you talk. Don’t verbally vomit all over him – just answer his questions.

I know a lot of companies give out scripts. If your company does this, use the script as a loose guideline. Don’t follow it verbatim as most people can tell when your verbiage is not from you.

Keep your ears open

So many times we can miss the opportunities right in front of us because we didn’t have our ears open. So always be alert for someone you can help with your product or your opportunity.

Opportunities can come up any time and literally anywhere. A good way to keep your ears open is to know your product and what problems it can help. Then when you hear people you know share these problems, or something close to these problems you can share your product.

Make it Fun

Consider having an open house, party or online class. So many people who have never done this before will talk down about doing these types of things but the truth of the matter is that if you make them fun, people will come.

First and foremost you have to enjoy whatever way it is that you will promote your product. If you are a people person then consider doing an open house. If you’re an online person then an online class might be best for you. If you’re only out for the sale and not enjoying the process, people pick up on that and you’ll be less likely to get customers.

Offer an Incentive

An incentive doesn’t have to be big and glamorous, it just has to be something of value or perceived value. When I was running my essential oil network marketing business I gave away these little Essential Oils Guide Books. They only cost me $1 each but my new customers were so enthralled with them and happy that I thought enough of their journey to include this little freebie. So what incentive or free gift can you give your new customers? (Psst… this also works well for getting referrals of customers!)

After you have your first five customers, from there you set up your Referral Marketing Strategy.

Remember, the more you are having conversations with people every day the more likely you are to get your first customers. Lead with your heart in all of your conversations, express and give value, and listen more than you talk.

Get Your First 5 MLM Customers... Overnight

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