I have no doubt if you are reading this blog post, or on this blog, that you are great in what you do. Whether you are working at home as a blogger, a network marketer, an author, a graphic designer, whatever it is – I am sure you are fantastic at what you do.

But the question is: Why do you do this?

This article is a review of Simon Sinek’s last book “Find your Why”. It’s a practical guide for discovering purpose and meaning for you and your team.

In his TED talk, Simon explains the Golden Circle of WHAT, HOW and WHY.

The Golden Circle

WHAT are the things you actually do every day, the products or services you deliver. Your designs, your applications, or your devices (instruments) and so on.

HOW is related to how you deliver the WHAT. Do you do this with great care and precision? Have you included all the possible parameters in your calculation? Your HOW’s are your values and are closely related to your strengths. They help you to be your natural best.

What is your WHY?

And then there’s WHY. WHY is the reason for your actions. It’s your contribution and the effect thereof. WHY answers the question to why you do things and why you get out of bed each morning. Your WHY is your purpose, who you are, your cause, what you stand for or your belief.

After his previous book “Start With WHY” a lot of people asked Simon how to find their WHY. That’s a reason why he wrote the new book “Find your Why” he encourages everyone and every organization to discover their own WHY.

How do you discover your WHY?

Your WHY is not something you want to become but it is something you are now. Your WHY can be found in the experiences you’ve had in your life that have shaped you into the person you are today. It’s centered in the themes of your past. These are your stories and if you look closely at them you can find this silver line of your unique WHY.

Most of us are aware of what and how we do the things we do. This is related to the neo-cortex (outside part) of our brain which is where the analytical and rational thought is and what can easily be expressed in words. Your WHY originates in the central part of your brain. The limbic part. These are your feelings and your emotions (like trust, safety, happiness and honesty). They are more difficult to express, but as you tell your stories with detail, you can discover this intangible gut feeling.

Simon’s WHY: To inspire people to do the things that inspire them so that, together, we can change the world.

A WHY should be actionable. As stated before, it includes a contribution you make and its impact [to the world]. Perhaps you have a similar sentence as the one of Simon, that states your own WHY. This is not a problem. The difference is that your feelings and emotions are unique to you. That is what makes each WHY unique.

Your WHY gives you a purpose and a fulfillment in life. This is different from finding joy or happiness. These are temporal and will pass away over time. At present, you are not so excited about a successful project as you were at the time when you completed it. But you will be excited about doing the things which are in line with your WHY, even when they do not bring you joy or happiness now. For example, if you are a graphic designer you might be fulfilled when you see the brochure you helped to design. Even when you despised all those additional requests by your client and the changes in specifications. Your WHY is much more sustainable.

Oh, and your WHY can not to be make money. Money is a result. The question then should be what you wish to accomplish with your money? There are many rich people who are unhappy because they don’t know their WHY.

By living your WHY, you will live a more fulfilled life with passion in your work. All your actions, your words will be in line with your WHY. This will be more effective and will protect you from bad decisions that may cause you to be unhappy, broke or even sick.  Living your WHY will attract people who believe what you believe and who recognize the value you give them in their own life.

Who is this book for and what are the benefits?


As an entrepreneur, you’re able to communicate what is unique about your business or opportunity when you know your WHY. As stated above, when you know your WHY, it will be easier to bring in the people who ‘fit’ your business. They believe what you believe. This is a stronger motivator than money. Furthermore, by knowing your WHY, you know what projects and products you should launch and what not. What risks to take and what to avoid.

People belonging to teams

If your team knows their own WHY, they will have a better understanding of where they fit in and why they should care. It will help connect people in a more powerful, meaningful way to the impact of the business or opportunity in the world. This is particularly effective if you are leading a team in network marketing.

Individual employees

By knowing your WHY you’ll be more passionate and connected with your work. Should you discover that your WHY is different than that of your company, it will be easier for you to choose your next job. A job at a company more in line with your own WHY.

Why should you read this book?

This book gives you a clear and practical roadmap on how to discover your WHY. It helps you to draft your WHY and to refine it.

Next to finding your own WHY, this book is for people who would like to serve as a facilitator for others in discovering their unique WHY. It is both for individuals and ‘tribes’ (a group of people who come together around a common set of values and beliefs, according to Simon).

The book is well written with ample examples of individuals and companies and their journey to finding their WHY. It includes tips and templates for facilitators.

Take action now!

Want to discover your own WHY and start to live with more purpose, fulfillment and passion in your work or organization? Grab the Find Your Why book from Simon Sinek. This blog will receive a small commission from your purchase. All commissions help to keep this website and it’s resources free to you.

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