How to Find the Right Network Marketing Company For You

How to find the right Network Marketing company for you can be a daunting process but it’s an important and necessary step in starting your work at home business in Network Marketing. You may also want to check out the 5 Network Marketing Tips for Beginners.

While the success of your business begins and ends with you, it is vitally important to find the right Network Marketing company. I can’t even count how many Network Marketing Professionals continually build a new team every few years. In other words, they grind and hustle every few years because either their companies get shut down, or they have to switch teams due to internal politics, or they got burned out, or whatever the reason may be. That’s no way to live.

Network marketing should give you freedom and if you do it right, the work you put in TODAY will pay you the rest of your life!

Choosing the right company is not easy and I get that. There are always so many flashy things in front of us, so it can be hard to find the right one…. but it IS possible.

So hHere’s a list of a few key aspects you can look for when you join to make sure you find the right Network Marketing company for you and you make real growth towards your long-term future.

1. Have PASSION for what you’re going to sell

It doesn’t matter what the heck company you are with if you don’t have passion for the products. You passion for the products is what will get you through the tough times when things get challenging.. and trust me, things will get challenging.

Plus, your passion will naturally shine through as you share your product with prospects and it will do a great majority of the selling for you because people will sense that you are showing up and sharing your product to truly serve them, not just make a quick buck.

2. There must be a product/service you can sell to an actual customer

This is a point that many Network Marketing companies are fixing, but a lot are also lacking or dragging their feet in making right. Signing up a bunch of distributors is cool, but that is NOT sustainable. And no they are not customers if they sign up as a distributor. In other words, your company has to offer something of REAL VALUE to sell to people even if they don’t want to do the business. Without this, your company will fail (and will most likely get shutdown by the Federal Trade Commission).

3. The product must actually work and be unique

In marketing they call this your “Unique Selling Proposition” and it basically is the way in which your company or product is different from what else is out there. It is what sets you apart and is why people will want to get your product and not the product of a competitor.

For instance, one of the Network Marketing companies I am with sells a total body anti-aging product and it’s unique because it was first to the market, and it contains proprietary ingredients you just can’t get anywhere else. This product was one of the main reasons I joined. The company also is unique in it’s training and marketing.

4. Strong Leadership

The Network Marketing leaders you work with are very important. Without leadership, the company will have a weak support system. So here are some things to consider.

  • Are the leaders doing daily or weekly calls for your team?
  • Are they creating duplicatable trainings/systems for everyone to follow that actually work?
  • Is your leader accessible? While your leader doesn’t need to answer every question for you because after all, it is YOUR business – a good leader will be there for the big questions and how to get started.

5. There must be incentive for people to sell to customers

This ties back into #2 but is not something everyone thinks about. If the company says they have a way to sell to customers, but in reality everyone is a distributor, that’s a red flag! There must be strong incentives to sell to customers.

As an example, the Network Marketing company I share all the time has a customer referral program. This company incentivizes customers to share with a small reward for doing so. How does your company make it easy to grow customers?

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