There are a lot of ways to build a successful Network Marketing business and one of the most popular ways is through social media. This is a popular option because you can do it from the comfort of your own home, unlike if you build a business through holding live events. Plus powerhouse social media outlets like Facebook & Pinterest have a huge audience that you are bound to tap into if you know how to use them properly.

Facebook is the top choice for reaching the broadest audience with 68% of Americans using the social platform. Compare that to the 35 percent of Americans using Instagram, 29 percent using Pinterest, and 24 percent using Twitter according to Hootsuite 2018 Stats.

When building a successful Network Marketing business on social media there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s go through these quick tips.

1. Your Profile

Make sure your profile picture is actually YOU! Yes, your dog is cute and your kids are lovely but people want to know who YOU are when connecting. So make sure your profile image is you and that you’re smiling and look friendly & approachable.

Also make sure your profile is up-to-date. Don’t have a picture of you from 10 years ago. Make sure it is you today.

Also don’t change your profile picture often. You will be networking and making a lot of new connections on social media and they will get to recognize you and remember you through your profile image.

Make sure your profile is public. You’ll be networking and sharing on social media to make new connections and cultivate new relationships. This can only be done if your profile is public. You can do this in your Facebook Page Privacy settings. Keep in mind you can still change the privacy settings of each individual post as you share it so you can still keep some posts private. But if you want to build your network marketing business using social media you will want to have your profile set to public.

2. Turn ON your messages

If someone can’t message you about your product or business, then your network marketing business is missing out! If someone can’t message you about joining your network marketing team then you’re missing out! Make sure whatever platform you on are that you actually have the ability to accept messages.

3. Clean Up

When someone visits your social media page it is like they are getting their first impression of you. Think of it like coming to your home. More than likely if you were having an event at your home you would clean up first right? The same is true on social media. So do some housekeeping!

We are in the lifestyle business and you want to be attracting people to you. How can you attract anyone to you if the lifestyle image you’re giving off isn’t that great?

Let’s be clear, this does not mean to lie and project an image of something you don’t have – that’s not the case. But what this does mean is to clear the clutter before taking a picture or video to share on social media.

Before you post anything ask “how will this help my audience?” Will it educate them? Entertain or inspire them? Or will it bring them down, promote negativity or create confusion?

4. Get social

So many times we forget that the whole point of social media is to be social! We cannot simply put a post on our timeline and expect to sell a product. That is just not how it works. If you have been in our free Facebook training group for any length of time you already know we are HUGE into cultivating relationships on social media – especially on Facebook.

Your relationships will be the major catalyst that pushes your social posts to rank higher.

Every day send 1-5 messages to people you know for no other reason than to say “hi” and make their day. These messages can be things like wishing a happy birthday, following up on a big moment you knew they had, commenting on a photo on their timeline, or sharing an article that made you think of them. The point is to make their day, NOT sell them.

When you are social on social media a few things happen. First, Facebook in particular thinks “oh hey, you actually do know this person and have a relationship with them. I am going to show you more of their stuff.” Second, people will think you are awesome! And people naturally want to follow and support people they think are awesome.

5. Create Curiosity

When you do bring up your business or post about it, you want to create a bit of curiosity. Instead of blurting right out the name of your company and the bazillion benefits of it, consider taking a more indirect approach. Don’t have your company name all over your social media, don’t post all of the corporate images and sales. Instead you want to create curiosity and an atmosphere of genuine invitation.

Think of it like this… when you go to your friends house and you walk in the door and her dog is all over you, up in your business, barking, vying for your affection is it delightful or off-putting? Regardless how you feel about dogs we can all agree for at least a moment it can be overwhelming. That is exactly how you appear when you start rattling off about your network marketing business on social media. It’s aggressive, off-putting and can frankly be a little bit like spam.

Not to mention, when you share your company then most prospects simply go out and Google it and find out all about the company.

Instead “don’t be aggressive like a dog, be coy like a cat.” Take your time in new relationships. Don’t be so eager to share what you have right away. Instead, post lifestyle and testimonials and ask people to reach out to you to learn more about what you have. When chatting with people ask questions to discover what problems they have and how your product or service might help them.

6. Be a storyteller

People don’t come to social media to be sold. They are there to have a good time, be entertained and maybe learn something. To understand this concept a little more, we invite you to check out the book Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

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