Content is important for any content creator – whether you’re running a blog, creating Facebook Live videos for your Network Marketing business, or something else. It’s what makes people coming back to you and your content time and time again. So the biggest way to be successful as a content creator is to always have content ideas. You want an endless supply of content ideas and this post will tell you exactly how to do that.

If you’re just starting a blog, or Facebook Live videos, you’re probably full of exciting content ideas (if you’re not, make sure that you’ve chosen a subject you’re passionate about – read more about finding your niche here). Somewhere down the line, whether it’s after 20 posts or 200, you’re probably going to be struggling to come up with new ideas. It’s a problem that every content creator faces. Sometimes you just hit a rut in creativity. When you find yourself in these moments, try the following tips to come up with ideas for new blog posts.

Keep a Running List of Content Ideas

One of the best ways to make sure that you don’t run out of ideas is to keep a list going. Often, you may think of an idea while reading something else, in the middle of a conversation, or while you’re out on a walk. Don’t let that idea get away! Write it down, and regularly record all your ideas in one place (a journal, a Google Doc, an Excel spreadsheet, or a cool tool like Trello – whatever works for you). That way, you’ll have a go-to source of ideas. If you ever need to come up with a blog post quickly, you’ll be prepared.

Read, Read, Read

Reading other content is one of the best ways to come up with your own ideas. That doesn’t mean to simply copy someone else’s topic (although you might want to write on the same topic if you have your own information to add to it). Reading an article might inspire you with an idea about a related topic, or you might come up with an intriguing question that leads to a blog post. The more you read, the more informed you’ll be, and the more information you’re processing, the more likely you are to come up with interesting and knowledgeable blog posts.

Find what content ideas are trending

You can find what’s trending any number of ways. First, there’s the old-fashioned way. Check out the magazine headlines for publications in your business genre. Most magazines have a pretty good idea of what their viewers will like. If your blog demographic is in alignment with a particular publication you can get some great ideas from what is prominent in their magazine. For example, if you run a fitness blog to coincide with your Network Marketing business then you may want to see what is going on in magazines like Shape magazine, or Strong Fitness magazine for women.

You can also look at websites or blogs within your genre. Tools such as SpyFu will help you determine what content is doing well on your competition’s website or blog.

For more ways to find trending content online check out our blog post Check out our article 5 Simple Tools to Find Trending Content.

Look for Questions

Often, lingering questions produce some of the best ideas for posts. Are friends and family asking you similar questions about your industry in conversation? Write a blog post to answer them.

Has someone left a question in the comments on one of your posts? It’s probably a great idea for a new post.

Is there something you’ve always wondered about your subject? You guessed it – write a blog post about it.

You can find questions in a lot of places. Try searching through FAQ pages related to your area of interest. Read other blogs and see if people in the comments have questions, or if other bloggers are leaving anything unanswered. Hop into social media forums such as Facebook groups and look for questions from real people and think of how you can answer them in a blog post. Questions mean that there’s a need for information, and you can fill that need.

Update an Old Post

Look back through your blog. Do you have any popular posts that you could add to? Maybe you posted about a news item, and there have been more recent developments. Maybe you made a post offering advice and strategies, and you have some new ideas to add in. It’s perfectly acceptable to add an update as a new post.

If you think you’ll continue to have updates, you can even make it a series. A series is also a great way to add some consistency to your blog. Maybe you posted an article several months ago that did well on your blog or social profiles, now is the time to see what other related articles you can create to branch off from it.

When in Doubt, Ask

Sometimes you can let ideas come to you. This is particularly true if you have a decent amount of readers or followers on social media. If you’re stuck for ideas, try reaching out to your followers with a tweet or Facebook post asking what they want to know about. You might come up with some great ideas, and you’re guaranteed to have at least one interested reader.

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