Crazy Simple Way to Build Relationships & Recruit Online

So many people in Network Marketing forget that it is NETWORK marketing. They look for tools and solutions that will build their downline overnight. Many tools fail. Some are effective. Of those that are effective most downlines will crumble, why? Because there is no relationship!

At it’s core, successful Network Marketing is about NETWORKING and building relationships. Once you have your first solid sign-ups you can move into Referral Marketing but even then you will need to work at building relationships. Do you struggle with building and maintaining relationships online?!  Use these tips to get better results.

Crazy Simple Way to Build Relationships & Recruit Online
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Make it about them

Everyone enjoys talking about themselves. Learning the art of fluid conversation is a life skill, but you have to start somewhere. Ask questions and care about the answers. Everyone has a story, take the time to find out what it is. 
– Where are they from?
– Married/kids?
– Business?
– What do they do for fun?
– Do they have a special event coming up? Remember and follow up on how it went.

Be Genuine

Don’t start conversations with the Intention of hoping they turn it around and make it about you. Don’t try to manipulate the conversation. If you are rushing through what they have to share and waiting for them to say “what about you?” You’ve missed it. 
Ask questions to listen with your whole heart and mind. Pay attention. Be focused on them with no expectation of anything in return.

Get out of your comfort zone

Don’t be a silent stalker – engage with people. Comment on their posts, watch their videos, like their pictures, and wish them Happy Birthday.

Go the extra mile

Gifts go a long way and do not have to be expensive. 
Is it Christmas? Send your new customers a Christmas card. 
Traveling? Send someone a post card. 
When it comes to gifts, a little goes a long way.

People love to be known. It’s the most fundamental basics of life. When talking to people, use their name. Remember their name. Remember their details. If someone feels heard and seen by you, they will keep coming back for more.

Remember this rule

The rule of “give…give …………ask” will serve you well in building relationships and in your business.
It means to give more than you ask for. You can’t expect people to give you what they value, if you won’t first give value to them. Make sure you are always giving in value more than you ask for in sales.

Hope these were valuable tips! If you have any more to share, PLEASE add your tips below.

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