Find encouragement after failure through these everyday tips to help you continue to grow in your work at home business despite all the bumps along the way.

Failure is a part of success. It’s easy to say you need to pick yourself up after failure and move on but it can be far more challenging to find the strength and encouragement to do so.

Everyone has different coping mechanisms and ways they react to failure. But, learning the ways that more often lead you to success can help you enormously!

I use to take failure personally. I’m a serial entrepreneur, a hard worker and am passionate about what I do. I use to take failing as a personal reflection of who I was and it would lead me to feel all sorts of horrible emotions.

Here are 9 ways to find encouragement after failure. These are tips that have helped me grow many thriving work at home businesses in the past decade.

1. Learn from Your Failure & Mistakes

There is a lesson to be learned each time you fail. Discover what this lesson is and more importantly, keep it in mind during future attempts at success. Remember, if you don’t learn from your failure, you’ll keep repeating the same mistakes.

2. Keep Going

It’s completely normal to feel like giving up when you’re hit by failure. The most important part of failure is what you do afterward. You never know when your success will happen and sometimes it happens right after we’ve had a failure. So I want to invite you to keep going, keep moving forward even if you have just failed miserably and feel like you have nothing left. This experience may very well be your last step before you reach great success!

3. Surround Yourself with the Right People

A great group of positive, like-minded people can do wonders for how you view your mistake and failures.Positive people will inspire you to pick yourself up and go further than you thought you could go. Conversely, negative people can cause your failures to become more illuminated than they really need to be and often can cause fear and doubt.

If you’ve just had a failure and need to talk about it, trust in the right people. Don’t share with anyone who may be judgemental until you’ve had a good chance to get back on your feet and in the right headspace.

4. Break Down Your Goals

If you’ve failed at a large task, think about setting smaller, immediate goals. Accomplishing one big goal can be overwhelming. But when you can quickly and easily tick off a bunch of little goals that lead to a big goal, you will build momentum. That momentum will fuel your confidence. When you’re finished, you’ll be amazed at what you achieved! Check out this post on how to successfully set your goals so you can achieve them.

5. Visualize your dreams

Fight the negative thoughts that creep up after failure by visualizing yourself meeting your goal. Take the time to picture yourself successfully going through each step it will take to reach your goal. Really feel what it is like at every step of the process, especially at the end once you have achieved your goal. This type of exercise is one of the tips mentioned in the book The Secret as well as Wishes Fulfilled and other great manifesting success books.

6. Stay Enthusiastic

When you first set out to achieve something big, chances are you start out with a great deal of enthusiasm. If you meet failure once or even several times, it’s important to maintain that enthusiastic force to give you the energy and drive to continue toward your goal.

Some ideas to keep up your enthusiasm include listening to daily motivation. Reading motivational books and continuing to grow your personal development every day. I do at least 15 minutes of reading every morning. Try meditation, going for a walk and getting out into nature to clear your mind of negative thoughts and refocus in on the good around you and what you are going to accomplish.

7. Write it Down

Keep a journal that details your personal thoughts, goals, and attempts. It will help you stay organized and focused on success. If you don’t have time to put pen to paper, try keeping notes on your phone. Most smartphones come with a notepad area, or you can sign up for an online journal such as Penzu.

Another good exercise is to write your goal on a piece of paper and place it where you can see it several times each day to remind yourself to take action toward this desire.

Write down your goals in blue ink. Why blue ink? Blue is the hardest color for the eye to see therefore your brain must imagine it before your eyes can read it. Sounds crazy but it’s true!

8. Don’t Dwell in the Past

Anyone who has ever had success has also had failure. They will tell you that if you live in your failure and continue to think about the past, you will never create the present that you desire. The past doesn’t have to be your present or future. Your past does not define you. Just because you had a setback, it doesn’t mean that it will continue to be the case. The only way to achieve your goals is to keep trying and live in the present.

9. What is the Worst That Can Happen?

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you fail? Some people are so concerned with success and have such a horrible fear of failure that they don’t consider whether or not the worst case scenario is all that bad!

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It’s likely that you can think of someone you know who set his or her mind on a goal and would stop at nothing to achieve it. It’s not just some kind of story or fantasy – this could be you, too! Adopt this drive and apply it to your situation.

When you believe in yourself and your abilities, you’ll gain the drive to keep moving forward and you’ll feel unstoppable.

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