Here’s the problem >>> you joined this business to create some extra income for you and your family. But when you started, did you dream of…

  •  Chasing people around and getting rejected
  •  Wasting your time on prospects who are never going to buy from you
  •  Spending time away from family and no sales to show for it

…just because you’ve been told this is “how it is” and this is “the work” you have to put in, right? I bet they even told you not re-invent the wheel. Sound familiar?

Well, what if this business could be different? Let’s talk about it…

This is part of what we call Attraction Marketing

2 Biggest Mistakes Most People Make in Their Work at Home Business

  • Never ever ever talking about your business because of a fear of rejection or whatever, means that no one knows you are open for business or that you are even in business.
  • OR plastering your business name freakin everywhere. This sends a message that you don’t care about anyone, you just want to sell products. Infomercial much?!

The reality is that most people want to know YOU before they buy from YOU. People usually purchase from who they know, like and trust. IF you are shoving a brand name down their face – they aren’t really getting to know you.

Think of it like this – when was the last time you tried a new restaurant based off of seeing a commercial, versus a friend telling you how great the restaurant is and you should try it.

Facebook wants you building authentically!

The more authentic you can show up on Facebook – that means not plastering the name of your network marketing company everywhere – the more Facebook will reward you!

Facebook will reward you by showing more of your stuff to more people!! The more people like your stuff, the more it will get shown.

The Only 4 Topics You Should be Posting on Facebook

Use this method for posting.

H.I.R.E Method – it’s an acronym and let’s talk about what it stands for…

Everything you post should follow these posts. Whether it is images or video. If it doesn’t then don’t do it.

If you post correctly AND you build relationships through Facebook Messenger then the formula is brilliant! Kick it up a notch and build your brand.. that is provided in the Brand YOU MasterClass.

  1. Help – share a post that can help someone or solve a problem. Identify the problem, then share the solution.Examples – weight loss,… talk about struggles of being the fat kid, or can’t lose weight after baby, or always the skinny kid and now fat. This is helpful if it is related to your business but it doesn’t have to be related to your business!!! You can simply share a cool tip you just heard! One of my most popular videos has been a quick, on a whim video I did about how to drink Apple Cider Vinegar – which I think we can all agree is disgusting unless you dress it up.
  2. Inspire – Enough said right? Help fuel that fire inside.
  3. Relationship Build – share a story that you know will relate to your audience. Ask for their input and then comment on the comments!
  4. Educate – educate is different than help because it goes in depth a bit more. Maybe you do a  video training. Straight up knowledge! Some examples might include a DIY nugget, or a beauty tip, or a business tip, something unique and helpful you just learned.

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Work at Home Secrets Revealed

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