10 Ways to Work at Home During School Hours

Many people who read this blog tell me they need to find a way to work at home while their kids are in school. Or as a homeschool parent they need to find a way to make money at home while educating their kids.

I’ve worked at home lots of ways with my kids. You can read more at my LinkedIn Profile. But I was curious what other parents were doing that was working. So I took an informal poll of more than 200 parents who work at home during school hours. I then compiled the ten most popular responses and shared them below.

Freelance Writer

If you’ve got writing skills then you may want to consider freelance writing. You don’t necessarily have to have an English degree or a ton of past experience to start a blog, or get freelance writing jobs at places like FlexJobs.


Do you often spot the spelling mistakes that get under everyone else’s radar? Are you the grammar queen? Then you may want to consider getting paid to proofread. Companies like Proofreading Services pay decent and allow flexible hours.

Virtual Assistant

Another popular choice among work at home parents is being a Virtual Assistant. In your role as a virtual assistant you simply provide services to clients such as typing, setting appointments, making calls. The requirements are dependent on your skill level and what your client needs.

If you have past experience working with business owners, you may want to consider setting your own rates and getting your own clients that way. If you’re new to the VA world then you may want to team up with companies that hire VA’s such as Fancy Hands and Time Etc.

Network Marketer

I know, I know sometimes Network Marketing is like the elephant in the room. Many people think it’s a scam, yet there are hundreds of thousands of people that are helped through Network Marketing products and opportunities every day. Read here to discover if network marketing is for you then check out the big Network Marketing Work at Home Directory.

Search Evaluator

This means you would evaluate search engine results to determine if they are relevant or not to the term typed in. This is just one way that major search engines ensure search queries lead to accurate results. If this sort of thing interests you then you can make a few bucks and hour with a flexible schedule. Check out companies like Leapforce and Lionbridge.

Online Tutor

If you have a college degree then you may want to consider putting it to use as an online tutor. Elevate LearningPrepNow, and Brainfuse are three reputable companies with online tutor jobs. They also offer flexible hours which allow you to control your own schedule.

ESL Tutor

ESL (English Second Language) is an area that is on fire right now. That’s because it’s super flexible and you don’t need to be bilingual. You just need to be a good communicator and speak English. As an ESL you’ll get paid to help non-native English speakers learn the language.

CamblyVIPKid, and EF Education First are three well known companies with regular openings.


Transcription is another popular work at home option you can do during school hours. It’s flexible and really the income you earn depends on how many hours you want to work and how accurate and fast you type. I have a friend who only works part-time at Rev.com but there are lots of options out there. Quicktate is another good one for beginners.

Freelance Designer

If you have skills as a graphic designer, or social media specialist then consider freelance. You can get steady work through job sites like Upwork, or even build a client base like I did through good ol’ word of mouth and Referral Marketing.

Internet Researcher

Do you love research? Are you the person people go to when they need to find answers they can’t seem to get on their own? If so then this is the work at home job for you. It’s also flexible and allows you to make your own schedule. Companies like AskWonder and 10EQS hire people to perform research and make money at home.

10 Ways to Work at Home During School Hours

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