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10 Ways to Work at Home During School Hours

I’ve worked at home lots of ways with my kids – but I was curious what other parents were doing that was working. So I took an informal poll of more than 200 parents who work at home during school hours. I then compiled the ten most popular responses for you.

30 Legitimate Ways to Work at Home

Let’s face it, there are a lot of ways to work at home. Some are good, some are bad and others are downright scams. So how do you sift through the nonsense and find legit ways to work at home? Well, you don’t. I’ve done it for you. Below is a list of 30 legitimate…

5 Skills You Absolutely Need to Successfully Work From Home

There are five skills you need to work from home. I’ve been working from home since 2009, growing my businesses while growing my babies and these are the give skills I have found absolutely necessary. These skills are what have helped me to leave my corporate job and replace that income within five months.

15 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Head and Start Your Business

The hardest part in starting a business can sometimes just be to START A BUSINESS. In other words, get out of your own head and start your freaking business. Am I right?! If you know you want to work at home but you’re struggling with getting an idea of what’s out there and what you…

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